Lamborghini Murcielago FIA GT1

Lamborghini Murcielago FIA GT1
Current Mods

  • TKO Motorsports 4 way adjustable aluminum coil over shocks with hydraulic ride height control system front and rear
  • TKO Motorsports big brake kit 6 piston AP radi-cal calipers front and rear
  • TKO Motorsports GT1 straight pipes
  • TKO dual element carbon fiber wing –part of TKO downforce aero package

Future Mods

  • TKO Motorsports complete tear-down and custom build
  • TKO Motorsports 3D scanning of entire body for digital body modifications and wind tunnel test
  • TKO Motorsports new chromoly GT1 chassis with added driver safety cell
  • TKO Motorsports GT1 suspension titanium and chromoly control arms, fully adjustable
  • TKO Motorsports 1200 hp center lock axle conversion ( half shafts and axles)
  • TKO Motorsports front and rear chromoly light weight big bearing uprights
  • TKO Motorsports mono block wheels
  • TKO Motorsports complete carbon fiber body with high down force aero package
  • TKO Motorsports blue printed engine with internal mods, fuel injection systems, programmable ecu and wire harness
  • TKO Motorsports long tube equal length 347 stainless steel headers
  • Hollinger factory modified sequential gear box with transfer case for active 4 wheel drive