Custom Builds

So much goes into building an exotic vehicle. At TKO Motorsports we are passionate about custom-builds and exotic vehicles – so much so that we are the leading manufacturer of ride-height suspensions, high-performance shocks and more.

Each TKO custom car project is carefully handcrafted in our meticulously maintained and equipped facility, using the most powerful custom-built racing engines and transmissions available for street-legal applications.

custom body for tko motorsports exotic


If you are looking to start your own custom car project, you’ve come to the right place. The TKO Motorsports team has completed many custom-built projects, but each car must meet certain criteria to meet the standards of TKO Motorsports.

Our team will help you identify any and all issues and questions with the initial building process such as:

  1. Is there rust?
  2. How will your custom-built exotic car be used? Track, street or both?
  3. Did you do your homework? This is your baby, let us help you create your overall vision.

TKO Motorsports has completed a variety of custom builds for many of our customers – from exotic cars to apache powerboats. Our portfolio speaks for itself. Maybe you want to just jump to the already built version of your dream car? No problem!

TKO Motorsports has a few custom builds for sale. By speaking to our professional mechanics, our team will set you up with the perfect plan to help you get started on your latest custom build project, or how to buy one directly from us.

Whether you are looking for track or street, TKO Motorsports offers custom suspension systems, ride-height hydraulics, custom exhaust systems and even vehicle transportsContact us today to start discussing your custom build project.