Expert Car Restorations

Have you ever seen a classic car and your wheels just started spinning (no pun intended) with all of the possibilities for that car? Maybe you even own one of these gems and haven’t yet fulfilled its potential? If you have an insatiable craving to drive the ultimate performance machine, we share your passion! The TKO MotorSports team is obsessed with restoring and building cars so powerful they take street and strip driving to the extreme.

exotic car restorations 42' willy

Each TKO restoration is carefully handcrafted in our meticulously maintained and equipped facility, using state-of-the-art, custom parts. We then wrap all that brute strength in a sleek, vintage-style body that’s guaranteed to turn heads. And while these beasts look and sound fierce, they’re also incredibly easy to drive and maintain.

TKO Motorsports specializes in classic car restorations and our skilled team of professional mechanics know exactly how to get you started. When building your historic masterpiece, the team at TKO Motorsports will help you decide your model, your work schedule and will help you realize your overall vision.

Check out some of our restorations to view our work and contact the team today. Expert car restoration, custom building and fabrication is our passion, let us engineer and build your dream.