Our Story

At TKO MotorSports our passion is building top-notch performance vehicles. We only use the best of the best to make our Extreme Street, Extreme Marine and Extreme Exotic vehicles the ultimate driving machines.

Extreme Street

If you have an insatiable craving to drive the ultimate performance machine, we share your passion! The TKO MotorSports team is obsessed with building cars so powerful they take street and strip driving to the extreme.

Willys & Nova

Each TKO car is carefully handcrafted in our meticulously maintained and equipped facility, using the most powerful custom-built racing engines and transmissions available for street-legal applications. We then wrap all that brute strength in a sleek, vintage-style body that’s guaranteed to turn heads. And while these beasts look and sound fierce, they’re also incredibly easy to drive and maintain.

Exotic Projects

Street Friendly, Track Proven

TKO Motorsports chooses its exotic builds and modification systems based on our overall vision. Each design concept must meet certain criteria before being considered as a future build, however, one thing is certain, each product must be street legal and track proven –especially our complete custom-built vehicles. Such criteria may consist of:


  • TKO’s Lamborghini upgraded hydraulic suspension lift systems.
  • repair or replacement of your OEM lift system is not an if but rather a when.


Vehicle Enhancement

  • TKO’s hydraulic ride height suspension systems can be made for all European makes as well as our custom exhaust systems, aero pieces, and roll cages.


Complete Custom Exotics

  • Either start from nearly scratch (our 1960 Elco) or create a street friendly track monster from a marquee with racing pedigree (Porsche RSR, Lambo FIA GT1 racer.