TKO Hydraulic Ride Height Systems Suspensions Street Friendly / Track Proven

TKO Motorsports employs F1 championship suspension technology


TKO Motorsports is the international manufacturer of European car adjustable ride-height suspensions. These suspensions are high performance, coil-over shocks that are adjustable on the fly. Every set is custom built for each driver and intended application (driving habits) while meticulously documented and comes with a Lifetime Warranty.
A simple flick of the switch raises the front end for driveway ingress, trailer ramps, or speed bumps. A smooth transition taking only seconds to raise and lower and designed to work while in motion.
Shocks are double-adjustable with capabilities of being 4-way adjustable or conventional, non-adjustable. Each shock is laser etched with a serial number to reflect detailed build specifications made when ordered and will arrive with a dyno sheet from date of manufacture.
Suspension systems currently in production and available to ship immediately are Lamborghini, Mercedes, as well as many standard coil-over applications. Each custom build takes approximately 7 days to build upon receiving vehicle and driver specifications. Your order ships within 1 day of manufacture.

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