Ride Height Hydraulics


TKO Motorsports Hydraulic Ride Height Suspension Systems

Our custom ride height suspensions were developed to allow your high-performance car to be driven competitively on the track, yet still provide as a weekend sports car.

TKO’s hydraulic ride height suspension technology will offer a custom ride-height beyond factory specs as well as an on-the-fly switch to raise your front end (and rear, if you choose) to make it street friendly.

Our hydraulic ride height systems are typically built using customer-supplied specs such as, intended use, driver’s weight, and desired ride height. Each coil-over shock will be laser-etched with a serial number indicating build specs and date, and location on car. Additionally, each shock is dyno’d and owner is supplied with spec sheet.



For vehicles requiring an onboard pump, we supply the pump, containment box, lines, hardware, all fitting and necessary ties. Like our coil-over shocks, our pumps also come with a lifetime warranty.



Mercedes CLK63 AMG Black Series with 4 corner hydraulic ride height system.


TKO’s fully-custom 1960 Elco sitting on 4 corner hydraulic ride height system.


Contact us with your vehicle’s specs for pricing and availability.