Extreme Street

Nova & Willys

If you have an insatiable craving to drive the ultimate performance machine, we share your passion! The TKO MotorSports team is obsessed with building cars so powerful they take street and strip driving to the extreme.

Willys & Nova

Each TKO car is carefully handcrafted in our meticulously maintained and equipped facility, using the most powerful custom-built racing engines and transmissions available for street-legal applications. We then wrap all that brute strength in a sleek, vintage-style body that’s guaranteed to turn heads. And while these beasts look and sound fierce, they’re also incredibly easy to drive and maintain.
Learn more about owning the world’s most extreme, yet user-friendly street/strip performance machine.




TKO extreme performance cars are all about power. Each vehicle is designed and built around the motor using high-quality parts, to ensure maximum strength, performance, and reliability.

The custom built Sonny’s racing engines are the most extreme, powerful and user-friendly ones available for street applications.

The Lenco CS2 five-speed transmission is a precision piece of equipment specifically designed to support the motor’s tremendous strength and capable of handling up to 3,000 hp.

The dual rail Chromoly tube chassis is an NHRA pro mod spec funny car roll cage, certified and safety rated for 6.1 seconds in a quarter mile.

The bodies from Outlaw Performance are fiberglass replicas of vintage-style cars, merging modern technology with a sleek, head-turning design.



Built for Power

Chassis flex under torque is a waste of horsepower. Each of TKO’s extreme street cars is built with a Pro Mod Spec dual rail chassis. These chassis are all NHRA certified for a 6-second quarter mile.

Amazing Drivability

How can TKO cars be this sleek, yet so user-friendly? They’re precision engineered and built to Pro Mod and NHRA specs utilizing EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) systems. This unique combination of intense power and advanced technology ensures excellent drivability and easy maintenance.

Uses standard 89 octane gasoline—no special fuel required.

1417 horsepower and 1140 pounds of torque, naturally aspirated with no nitrous. Also, Speedtech 2 stage fogger adding an extra 300 horsepower, totaling 1717.

The car starts easily (with a thunder and a roar!) and no carburetor adjustments are needed.

The ECU (Electronic Control Unit) engine management system provides smooth idle ability by constantly monitoring and feeding the motor’s fuel and air requirements.

The custom built, four-lever, five-speed transmission looks intimidating, yet is easy to operate. Maintenance, including changing oil and fluids is straightforward and simple.



New! 802 TKO Extreme ’41 Willys

TKO is accepting orders for its limited-edition 802 Extreme ’41 Willys Coupe. Contact us to learn more.