Custom Motorsports Machining

Our team of machinists can create custom motorsports components to your exact specifications, including prototyping, bespoke manufacturing, and mass production.

Custom Powder Coating & Cerakote

We provide custom powder coating and cerakote services to protect and enhance the appearance of your vehicle.

Perfomance Upgrades & Repair

We offer expert maintenance, repair, and performance upgrades for high-performance vehicles to maximize their potential.


TKO Motorsports designs, manufactures, installs and races our own proprietary line of track proven, street legal performance products.





Providing professional servicing and maintenance work for high-performance/exotic vehicles, ensuring peak performance.



Designed to rigorously evaluate and optimize the performance of your high-performance vehicle, track or street focused.



Expertly engineered to boost performance, handling, and aesthetics, ensuring a superior driving experience.

Custom Vehicle Fabrication

Custom Vehicle Fabrication

We offer custom fabrication services to help you create your dream car, from concept to completion.

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Chassis Engineering & Fabrication

Chassis Engineering & Fabrication

Our team of engineers can design and fabricate custom chassis components to improve the handling and performance of your vehicle.

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Shock Rebuilds, Re-valves & Dyno Testing

Shock Rebuilds, Re-valves & Dyno Testing

We can rebuild and re-valve your shocks, and offer dyno testing services to help you optimize your vehicle’s performance.

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Electrical Service, Install, Troubleshoot

Electrical Service, Install, Troubleshoot

Our electrical experts can install, repair, and troubleshoot any electrical issues you may have with your vehicle.

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TKO Motorsports garage

What products does TKO Motorsports specialize in?

How can I get technical support for TKO Motorsports products?

How can I order TKO Motorsports products?

Improved handling and performance

“Track”, “Street” and “Load” ride-height adjustments

Rebuildable and Revalveable

Improved handling and performance

Dyno sheets provided with every shock

Track Legal

Designed, Engineered & Manufactured in the USA

TKO Arch Suspension

Track tested in the harshest competition environments.

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