The RAUDI Audi is a STREET LEGAL, TRACK PROVEN TKO Motorsports build for our customer and friend Joel.

The RAUDI Audi is a STREET LEGAL, TRACK PROVEN TKO Motorsports build for our customer and friend Joel. Off the lot with a 5.2-liter V-10 and a 7-speed Automatic Dual Clutch Transmission, this car was the perfect blank slate to be built into both an enjoyable streetcar, and a legitimate threat on the track.

With TKO’s ARHC (Active Ride Height Control) Suspension system installed, the Raudi R8 has both form and function. With the ability to go from lowered track height to 3.5 inches over stock height by the push of a button, making this track car very practical for street/daily driving use. Performance height cars are often limited on the street due to the ride height, our ARHC system saves your splitters, belly pans, rocker panels and diffusers. They allow for easy entry and exit of driveways, speed bumps and bumpy roads. The performance proficiency of these shocks is equally impressive. They can handle the harshest tracks in the world, with the easily adjustable rebound and compression settings on our double adjustable true race shock design he was able to make bold and minor adjustments to dial in the Raudi. With the TKO ARHC Suspension system alone, we were able to drop 4 seconds off his best lap times at the highly technical and grueling Sonoma Raceway.

Driver Seat Upgrades:

TKO installed the TKO Racing Audi R8 Seat, TKO Seat Lowering Mount, TKO Racing Shoulder Harness Bar and 6 Point Harness to effectively drop Joel’s driving position over 3 inches, providing ample clearance for a helmet and improved driver visibility and safety with the added benefit of a lower center of gravity

Stock Audi R8s come standard with dry sump engine oil systems that are very similar to most full-blown racecars on the track today. One major downside is the factory designed venting of the oil tank goes directly into the engine intake. This can cause engine damage due to insufficient venting under high loads. To combat this issue, we designed and installed our TKO Audi R8 Engine Breather Kit. This kit ensures proper ventilation of Audi R8 engines under higher combustion pressures, harder track sessions and increased oil pressure.

To compliment the TKO Audi Engine breather upgrade, we installed a TKO Transmission Breather System that allows the transmission to vent to atmosphere more efficiently. Under consistently high load at the track the stock Audi R8 breather pukes transmission fluid into the engine bay resulting in a loss of fluid, leaks on track and a real mess to clean up after a track day. Our TKO Audi transmission breather kit extends the tube length on the existing breather and is attached to a filtered vapor release end to better compliment track conditions.

Our latest upgrade on the Audi R8 includes a custom fabricated Full Cabin and Engine Bay Fire Suppression System to assist with driver safety.

If you’re interested in a custom Fire Suppression system of any other upgrades for your performance car, make sure to give us a call or send us an email!

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Street Legal, Track Proven Transformation

  • Transformed from a 5.2-liter V-10 Audi R8 into a dual-purpose street and track powerhouse.
  • Equipped with TKO’s ARHC Suspension system for optimal performance and practicality.

Enhanced Performance and Safety Upgrades

  • Driver seat modifications for improved visibility, safety, and a lower center of gravity.
  • Engine and transmission breather kits installed for efficient performance under high loads.

Advanced Safety Systems in the RAUDI Audi

  • Custom Full Cabin and Engine Bay Fire Suppression System for increased driver safety.
  • Significant lap time improvements at Sonoma Raceway with TKO’s specialized upgrades.

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